Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wow! Closet on Queen Creek!

I did a trade with Rhonda from Closet on Queen Creek for some flour sack towels with my company's logo on them. WOW! These are gorgeous and SO well made. Rhonda is so very sweet and very talented. Check out what she came up with:
I got a set for my Mom's birthday and a set all for me. :) Be sure to check her out. She can digitize any logo/picture to make something custom just for you. Brilliant!
I love her flour sack towels because they are huge and so absorbant. I use them for everything... including a set to roll out dough in. Have I convinced you to get some yet? :) Truly, they are wonderful.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ho-Ho-Holiday Trades!

Lots of traded goodies coming up with:

Linda at OweWhoaWhen for some embroidered recycled longies:

... and LOTS of goodies are coming from a trade I am doing with Carmella of Clear Hills Honey Company.

Tons of lip balms in great flavors like Cheesecake, Chai Tea, Sugared Violet, and Creme Caramel.Honey Cream Lotion with Shea Butter in scents that sound good enough to eat! Bee Balm and Knitters Balm.... And this sweet little guy:

YUM! I can't wait

Whooooooooo! Check out this SuRpRiSe Stuffed Woolie Creature from Karma at Pirate Bootie Baby! I won this using HC$$$. I emailed Karma my daughter's favorite colors and she surprised me by making the animal of her choice. There is lavendar inside for calming aromatherapy too. West will love this because she has taken to owls lately and loves flying around the house hollaring, "WHOOO!" Ahhh! Perfect!

Scored this little number from Naptime Designs. HUGE going out of business sale right now and free shipping. Bonus!

1 buffalo
1 bear
1 moose

I won this set. Thank you, thank you to Kristena from Dreamseeds Organics for these cool ornaments. The artist always explains things best so here is her explanation in her own words:

"Made with unrefined beeswax we strain ourselves. These delightful creatures will don your space with the delights of the mountains.
In Jackson Hole, we love our wild animals and they represent strength and power to those that live here.
We add our Dreamseeds Organics blend of essential oils called Holiday Spice for an aroma that is perfect for the fall and winter."
They are so cute and smell amazing!

.... Now maybe one of these days I will remember to take pics of the cute dresses and tunics that I am sending out as MY half of the trade. LOL! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Holiday Gifts for Scout and West! :)

Some super comfy lounge pants are coming for West! We got a great deal from the kind mama behind Bags N Wipes N Things. The print we got is extra special to me because my sweet Gampie always had duck decoys around his house growing up. I saw this print and instantly thought of him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Holiday Trades....

Loving this. Totally loving the spirit of Holiday trading and I have made some good ones. These have resulted in relationships with wonderful WAHM's and some fabulous, unique gifts under the tree for my wee ones.

I have really enjoyed sewing for trades as well. Are you a WAHM with feedback who would like to set up a trade for the Holidays? We all have more time than money these days, eh? :) Email me! :)

Without further ado.... here are my latest trades:

I traded with Jennifer of Bumblebear Children's Wear for a couple of hand painted shirts for my piglets. We are getting:

... all with longsleeves, though. She has great ideas and unique designs. Check her out! What a sweet mama!

We also traded with Andrea of Deep Elemental Dyes. She has store fronts on this congo as well as here.

Both of my girls are getting dresses like the one below... but I left the final say on colors up to the artist. How great are these?
OK. I paid outright for this one... but who wouldn't?!?!?! Soooo soft and cute! This Draftbusting Set is from Sarah at Symbiotic Stitches on The Leaf Shoppe congo. Such a reasonable price for such a darling set. LOVE IT!

Friday, October 24, 2008

WAHM Holiday Trades

So, in a concerted effort to Buy Handmade this holiday season, I have been on a quest to fill my home and my children's hearts and imaginations with Homemade gifts.

Because the economy is so crappy right now (and maybe because WAHM's are the most giving and gracious people on the planet) I have been doing lots of Handmade goods trading for gifts. I love this because it allows me to give wonderful, unique gifts with a soul, while making gifts with that same love for someone else and their family. It is also much easier on the pocketbook. The other bonus is that my kids have toys and clothing that spark their imaginations and that not every kid has.

Plus, not ingesting lead is a good thing. :)

Here are a list of some of the great WAHM's I have traded with so far. As the products come in, I'll photograph them as well!

We got this Apple Jumper from Lori at Beneath the Rowan Tree . She also has a shop on Etsy.

We also got a a dyed leaf shirt for West: (pic coming...)

Getting a great set of embroidered flour sack towels with our company's logo on them from Rhonda at Closet on Queen Creek. (Can't wait to post pics of these when we get them!)

Great appliqued fleece pants for both girlies (like the ones in this set) from Amelia and Macie's Boutique.
The appliques for each girl are going to be a surprise to us and I'm so excited about that! I love letting WAHM's be the artist and expert of their craft! :)
Here are Scout's appliqued pants:
Fabulous and magical winged shirts for both girls from Winged Kids! Kind of like this one... but brown and green dyed for West and pink and purple for Scout. So magical and creative. They will love them!!!

Are you a WAHM with feedback? Would you like to set up a trade for holiday goods? Leave me a message on this post and where to contact you. :)


Monday, October 20, 2008

Inspire Handmade!

Take the Handmade Pledge!

Get inspired this holiday season (and EVERY season!) to buy handmade goods. Those at the heart of it have said it best:"Handmade items have a soul and enrich our lives in a way that mass-produced items simply can't. "Pledge to consider handmade items and gifts for all of your purchases. Get unique items with a soul and support others as they support their families!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dressing West!!!
HUGE Anniversary Stocking with Guests from every direction:
Begins: August 22nd, 2008
Featuring Dressing West and the following guests:

* Clothed In Scarlet
* Batik Bum
* Indigo Onion
* Rising Sun Earthworks
* Blind Stitch
* Whiffy Bean Bags
* Totes-N-Togs
* Beneath the Rowen Tree
* Craft Monkey Co.
* Pumpkin Pie Baby
* Kukae and Mimi
* Mr. & Miss Wooly Pants
* Spiffy Knits
* G Button Baby