Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Cuteness!!!

Looking for something darling for your darling this season? Dressing West is full of new fabrics and designs for your little one!

Visit our home storefront for first dibs on:

*The Evening Star

*O Christmas Tree

*Winter Blooms (with Dolly Dress option)

*Jack Frost Toile Bow Set

*Chirp, Chirp

Come see us at our Congo: Take Off Your Shoes to check out:

*Christmas Cookies and Milk

*Corn Cob Pipe and Button Nose

Buy with confidence, mamas! These dresses are designed to be worn as shirts over jeans and skirts for years to come! Versatile holiday wear? You betcha! :)

(Finished products are shown in the model gallery.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back That Thing Up!

We are back in town! Whew! Lots of fun but soooo very much work. Traveling with small children should earn you angel wings, extra lives, or Congressional Medals of Honor. LOL! They were very good. It was just l-o-n-g.

Scout turned three years old while we were in Denver. Three years old. I cannot believe that I have such a big girl. When we came home from our trip and were talking about what we did there her Dad said, "Scoutie, what did you do in Denver?"

"I turned THREE!" she shouted! Love it!

West had a milestone in the Mile High City as well. Something about the altitude must have given her the confidence of 10 men because she began walking. I went to CO with a 2 year old and a crawler and left with a 3 year old and a bi-pedal toddler. What a productive trip! :)

Now to get that luscious fabric out that I have been sitting on and get everything uploaded to my sites. The time off was sooooo needed but it is time to get BACK into the swing of things again. These fingers are itching to sew, baby! :)

Hope the Holidays were wonderful for all of you as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A big, fat TO - DO!

Arg! Why is leaving town with 2 small children and 1 large man-child so difficult? :) We are scheduled to leave tomorrow morning before the sun rises and I have so much to do tonight...

In no particular order... my "Turkey To-Do:"

Turkey To - Do:

* Finish laundry for myself and girls. This is what we are wearing in the car and to change into. Remember to bring extra changes of clothes for diaper compression leaks and the occasional vomit/spit up/drool that seems to land nicely right as we are about to go somewhere... or juice box/chocolately substance that I use to pacify them in the car.

* Remember juice boxes and chocolate.

* Take the dog to my mother's house and thank her 10,000 times for taking the obnoxious brute.

* Go to the grocery store and RE-BUY the food that I bought for the car trip already. Yes, I brought it home last night and this morning there was a severe dent in the crackers and there were water bottles missing.

* Stop by the post office and mail out two dresses.

* Pick up my girls from the sitter's.

* Take my nephew to his grandmother's (who lives across the river and into the next state.)

* Make sure the DVD player works and install it in the car.

* Clear out the lumber that my hub has been stockpiling in the garage so I can pull my car in. It is supposed to snow while we are gone.

* Stuff the cloth diapers and pack them to go. Remember wetbags and Tea Tree Oil.

* Don't forget to take Snoopy! Scout will never forgive me and no one will sleep if we do!

* Pack movies to use with said DVD player. (Wouldn't that be nice? A working DVD player, a crying 3 year and 1 year old and no movies!) Ahhhhhh!

*Lord, don't let me forget my license!!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Monday, November 19, 2007

"I so love you..."

There are few things in life that melt your very soul and make you completely weak at the knees. That's right. Kind of like you see in the movies...

Apparently, little girls who are about to turn three have this mystic power. I am sure they can use it for good or for menace... but my little one turned me to jello on the spot.

Scout woke up last pretty terrified of something. She was standing on top of her bed screaming when I got in there. I snuggled her up and laid her back down and laid with her for awhile. She was calming down and began to rub my face. She touched her nose to mine and whispered, "I so love you!"

Ahhhhh! I so love her, too. She will turn 3 on Thanksgiving this week and I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming. She is inquisitive and thoughtful, fair and precocious. Everything I've hoped for. I'm so very, very lucky.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day One or.. "Hi, my name is...."

Whoo-hoo! Look who found a big, fat blogspot! My own little space on online real estate. :)

Hi! My name is Kate. It is my head that you are in and you are more than welcome to come along for the ride. I am the wife of a lovely husband (7 years) and the mother of two amazing little girls. Scout will be 3 on Thanskgiving and West will be 1 right before Christmas. I know, I know... two holiday birthdays. Well, at least when they are older they can commiserate together about how horrible the holiday birthday fate is. LOL!

I am a Special Education teacher at the junior high level for children with behavioral disorders. I also have a little shop called Dressing West which sells specialty dresses and other such notions. I love this outlet to be creative, as my Master's Degree is in art and I love the palatte that fabric provides for creativity. You can check out my creations at: or at:

Alright. Off to get some actual work done while I still have some time...